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IWC also offered a wide range of wristlets, from differently colored alligator leather straps to an on-trend Milanaise mesh bracelet.

Three stainless steel models feature silver-plated dials and there is a choice among the models with diamond-set bezels and the one that features 12 diamonds on its dial (their referent numbers are IW458103, IW458101 and IW458109). The first one sports a dark brown alligator leather strap, the second one is attached to a lighter brown strap,breitling replica watches while the third model boasts a striking red strap.

The same choices are with three models with ardoise dials (their referent numbers are IW458102, IW458104 and IW458110), only here you can choose between gray and black alligator leather straps, while the third model comes with Milanese mesh bracelet.

IWC also offers four red gold models. Two of them feature silver-plated dials (their referent numbers are IW458105 and IW458107). There is a choice between orange and lilac-colored alligator leather straps.Rolex Datejust Replica The remaining two red gold variants sport ardoise dials and there is a choice among dark brown and black alligator leather straps (their referent numbers are IW458106 and IW458108).

Each version of the new Portofino Midsize Automatic Watch has its own charme and it will definitely find its way to the future wearer who seeks puristic, yet luxury design.

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